Whether you want to add futures to your portfolio or you just want to see what they’re all about, everything you need is right here.

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Versatility creates possibilities

Futures give you flexibility. The markets are liquid and home to an unmatched product assortment – including futures on gold, crude oil and stock indexes. Not to mention additional energy products, as well as agricultural contracts and global currencies.

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24/7 Access

Trade around the clock

Make your move first thing in the morning. Find success at lunch. Manage your positions between midnight snacks. The futures markets never close, so you trade when you want and unplug when you don’t. This isn’t day trading – it’s whenever-you-want trading.

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Opportunity opens many doors

You’ve heard it before: Diversify. Diversify. Diversify. You’re off to a great start. With futures, you can do even more. They help you expand your strategy and navigate shifts in the marketplace. It’s all about managing risk and unlocking opportunity.

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Enhanced Strategy

Tighten up your trading

As another tool for managing risk, futures help improve strategic balance and give you the ability to tap into emerging markets. That way, you can maximize your potential and build on what you're already doing.

See what futures can do for your HQ

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Understand the markets

Take a deep dive into futures and arm yourself with indispensable knowledge that enables you to expand your strategy with confidence. Plug into videos and other educational materials crafted by the people at CME Group, who know futures trading best.

Learn about futures
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Use the practice simulator

Learn how to trade and then use our practice simulator to hone your skills, test out tactics and navigate a range of real-life markets and scenarios – all without putting any assets on the line.

Get started

Now that you’re ready to jump into futures, head to your online broker. There, you’ll get even more information, resources and tools. Then, you can put your knowledge to work and access all the markets – and the opportunities.

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